Foam .209 Firing Launcher Round


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Available in multiple colors or glow in the dark!


A reusable, safe, 40mm launchable round that detonates a 209 primer on impact with a solid surface.

The glow in the dark feature makes it excellent for night games and helps to find the rounds after firing them.

To launch the projectile you will need the 40mm launcher shell.
It is compatible with the TAGinn shells and can easily be launched by any of their shells, including the discontinued Green-Gas EVO! The round is designed for a more realistic experience in airsoft games, and is to be fired at buildings or armored vehicles to mark them as ‘destroyed’. The maximum distance we managed to fire the round on CO2 is approximately 125m.

The 209 primer is placed inside the bottom of the grenade (needle nose pliers needed to open the bottom – not included), firing away from the impacted target.
The outside of the round is completely made of foam for safety reasons.
DO NOT FIRE directly at humans or animals and please use a minimum engagement distance of 25m at all times (for greengas, if used with HPA or CO2, this should be more).

-Video only to show effective range without a primer inserted-

Check you country’s law’s to make sure you are allowed to have these! Always check with the field owner if they allow the use of the rounds.
Safe use of the rounds is your own responsibility, we are not responsible for any accidents that may be caused by the round.


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