40mm Launcher Shell (Red)


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The 40mm Launcher Shell is a rifled shell, designed to launch projectiles over a large distance.

The shell is designed for use with greengas.
It can fire all of our 40mm launcher rounds, as well as all TAGinn projectiles and is compatible with most grenade launchers.

Please use a minimum engagement distance of 25m at all times.
Range tests with the shell using a normal dummy projectile (30gr):
Nuprol 3.0: up to 100 meter (sunny weather)
Nuprol 4.0: up to 125 meter (sunny weather)
Stresstest HPA: up to 135 meter
Stresstest CO2: up to 150 meter

Check your country’s laws to make sure you are allowed to have these! Always check with the field owner if they allow the use of the rounds.
Safe use of the product is your own responsibility, we are not responsible for any accidents that may be caused by the round.

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